So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

What scheduling genius decided to put the last ever Big Brother against Peggy leaving EastEnders?! Seriously, the world’s gone mad.

First, BB cos that’s the one I watched live. Mainly because, let’s face it, all catch up servies that aren’t the iPlayer can suck it.

Brian was a worthy winner, and really a very funny man. Nikki is dangerously unbalanced, so it’s probs for the best she didn’t win, lest she go completely banana sandwich. Chantelle is possibly the loveliest person on the face of the Earth, and if Preston doesn’t take her back, he’s a fool. And what the hell was Ulrika doing in seventh place?! Poor show, Big Brother voters.

Still though, it was alright in the end wasn’t it? If you ignore BB4, BB8, BB9, CBB2 & CBB6, it was actually a very entertaining programme. And it pissed off pretentious people, which is always fun. And I think it’s fitting that the last words we heard from a contestant EVER was the flashback to the magnificent BB11 winner Josie: “Whenever I feel down, I just think about that woman who had her face ripped off by a chimpanzee”.

Meanwhile, over on the square, Peggy was off. Without her FAIRMLY. Seriously though, how crap is Billy? He hasn’t had a decent storyline in forever, and Peggy specifically told him to watch Phil. So what does he do? He immediately leaves the room, then later does literally nothing to stop Phil leaving the house. GET RID OF HIM.

Much more excitingly, there was a new theme tune. If you didn’t know “Julia’s Theme” is the sad, piano-y theme they do instead of the duff duffs if something too sad has happened e.g. someone important dying or leaving in the back of a taxi. These are normally saved for very special occasions, averaging at around one a year. This year, however, they’ve been flinging them about like fucking Smarties. We’ve already had four, and I imagine Stacey will get one when she goes too. So how do they make Peggy leaving special? They make the ENTIRE THEME TUNE a great big “Julia’s Theme”. Awesome. And you can even download it off iTunes, along with, wait for it, “Any Loser Wins” by Nick Berry and “Anyone Can Fall in Love” by Anita Dobson. A-may-zing.

Anyway, goodbye Peggy. I particularly enjoyed when you pushed Chrissie into an open grave. The only way Babs could out-camp Carry On Camping.


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