Doctor Which?

If you know me but at all, you will know that I completely love Doctor Who. Like, really love it. Like, I would struggle to choose between it and oxygen. Love it. Since I am the king of Who knowledge, I thought I’d do a little “best of” as I know a lot of people who are intruiged by the classic series but aren’t sure which to watch.

  • Dalek Invasion of Earth – Involves the Daleks. Shocker. The thing you need to know about the old series is that it m   o   v   e   s        v   e   r   y       s  l   o   w   l   y. Seriously. This story is six parts but could easily be about 3. Still, this is a good ‘un and surprisingly creepy.
  • The Invasion – Like many stories from the ’60’s this one has missing episodes (cos the BBC got rid of them to make space for God knows what. The Generation Game probs). Fortunately, this one has had its two missing episodes replaced by animation. It’s pretty cool.
  • Inferno – Doctor Who does alternate universes. Includes all the regular characters but with slight differences e.g. Liz (the awesome companion) has different hair, and the Brigadier (The Doctor’s boss) HAS AN EYEPATCH. Win.
  • Genesis of the Daleks – Despite what the unclear title is, this in fact tells the story of the first Daleks. Really, they could be a little less cryptic. Includes Sarah Jane (who rocks) and Davros (ignore the dodgy mask).
  • City of Death – a bit sillier than the others on the list, but actually pretty funny. Has a cameo from none other than John Cleese (before he was a sell-out), and was written by the same dude who did Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Caves of Androzani – Includes SPOILER the regeneration of the Doctor at the end, this was recently voted the best Doctor Who of all time. Has some dodgy special effects though. Although, that could go for pretty much every story on this list.
  • Dalek – Includes SPOILER a Dalek (there’s a shock), it was the first time they were included in the new series. It was not the last. It was far from the last. Seriously, Moffat, stop using the Daleks. Bored now.
  • Human Nature/The Family of Blood – I shall spoil nothing about this one if you haven’t seen it cos it rocks hard. In the DVDs they make up the best DVD of all time along with…
  • Blink – If you talk about Doctor Who with anyone, chance are they’ll bring up Blink at some point. An actual masterpiece.
  • Anything with Donna in – Catherine Tate was the companion for Series 4, leading the Internet to blow up due to moaning from fanboys. Fortunately, she turned out to be the best companion EVER and every story she is in is worth watching just to see her be an utter legend.
  • The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone – From the most recent series, the features the return of the Weeping Angels off of Blink. Is almost (possibly as) good as the original. And there’s no higher praise than that.

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