‘Ender an era

EastEnders last night. So many thoughts.

First the good:

  • God, Lacey Turner’s jolly good, isn’t she?
  • The explosion knocking Peggy over at the bar was pretty awesome.
  • Ronnie’s look of “I’d rather not, if it’s all the same to you, actually” when Roxy wanted her to go back into A BURNING PUB. Seriously Rox, think it through.
  • The bit where Ryan and Stacey were blasted off the ladder.
  • Zainab and Masood frantically worrying about/saving Syed. Good.
  • Zoe Lucker actually getting to do something
  • Neither Peggy nor Stacey died. I like this.

And, unfortunately, the much larger list of bad:

  • Nobody else died. Particularly Billy. Seriously, how is he still there?
  • Syed, you were only pushed over. Man up, for fuck’s sake.
  • Phil’s sideways mouth when he’s “on the crack”. And the way he seems to be doing an impression of himself, Russell Brand and Fagin all at once.
  • The crap CGI flames on the ceiling upstairs.
  • Stacey, why don’t you just climb out the window yourself?
  • “Where’s Bianca?!” “Oh, she nipped home. Probs put the kettle on. Whatevs.” I realise Patsy Palmer’s pregnant and therefore not rushing to jump into fire, but seriously?
  • Also, I know Janine’s selfish, but there is a baby up there, love.
  • A pensioner and Billy Mitchell managing to free Phil and drag him to safety. Not. Buying it.
  • Tracey “The Legend” Barmaid still not getting a line.
  • ALL of the women being hysterical messes, whilst the menfolk get things done. Thank you EastEnders, for reminding us who is best.

Anyway, so Peggy’s off tonight, getting her own version of Julia’s Theme for her troubles, and Kat and Alfie are back in a couple of weeks. And as usual, EastEnders manages to tread the very fine line between “awesome” and “complete shit”. Bravo.

P.S. Auntie Kim needs to be in every episode. Nay, every scene. That woman is Made Of Win.


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2007 Brit Award nominee for Best International Female
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